A Viking Battle at 38th Scandinavian Hjemkomst Festival

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I went to the 38th Scandinavian Hjemkomst Festival and Annual Midwest Viking Festival on June 26-27, 2015

Heavy Chainmail

The chainmail, the lamellar armor and the coat of plates were the usual Scandinavian infantry armor before the era of plate armor.

in Moorhead, Minnesota, for research purposes, of course. It was great fun and inspiring. My favorite parts were the foods from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland (abelskivers are quite delicious-round donuts). Of course my favorite part was watching men (fight choreographers) dressed in chainmail and armor battling each other with swords, knives, spears and shields. These men needed to be strong to carry the weight of the armor and weapons along with the clothing which includes wool and leather. I asked one how much his gear weighed and he said about 38 pounds. Shields were made of wood, rawhide and linen. Wearing a belt over the chainmail was important to take some of the weight of the metal off the shoulders so it would rest on the hips. They also wore metal helmets. On their legs they wore strips of wool wrapped around like an ace bandage. And—they did not wear helmets with horns—that was a myth created by actors. Some of the reenactors were from the Society for Creative Anachronism. Their website www.sca.org/) explains: “The SCA is an international organization dedicated to researching and re-creating the arts and skills of pre-17th-century Europe. Their website explains: Our “Known World” consists of 19 kingdoms, with over 30,000 members residing in countries around the world. Members, dressed in clothing of the Middle Ages and Renaissance, attend events which may feature tournaments, arts exhibits, classes, workshops, dancing, feasts, and more. Our “royalty” hold courts at which they recognize and honor members for their contributions to the group.”


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