About Me

Welcome to my world.

I have a story to tell you. My stories will lead you to the realm of magical realism and mystery. Come inside and relax as I share my world with you. If your sense of adventure brought you here, I hope you’ll stay awhile and enjoy your visit. If you arrived by serendipity you will not be disappointed. Magic always seems to work that way.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Ellen M. Russell from the wonderful state of Minnesota. Sure, it does get cold in the winter, but that makes a hot cup of coco or tea more enjoyable. As for the heat, well, most people don’t complain (too much). Stay with me and I will present to you my new projects, stories of adventure and mystery.

The Latest

The latest for now is my new web site that includes a page with my newest books that have been, or will be released soon. I am very busy writing, writing and writing. I have a sequel to the Christina’s Family Secret book (available on Amazon). What happened to Christina’s mother, Julia? Why did she leave and where has she been? And what is Grandma Else’s story? Did she really have a secret side that even her family never knew about?

I am also working on another series, The Cora Chronicles. Young Cora Gundmundson refuses to submit to her mother’s attempts to marry her off for a safe and boring life as a homemaker. Spurred on by the National Geographic magazine’s accounts of foreign lands and people she longs for a life of adventure and travel. She sets off on a cruise ship to London, by herself. Of course she has all the details planned. But, things do not go according to plan. Having been raised in a house filled with magical characters who insist on interfering in her life she has come to expect surprises. Two of those magical characters insist to join her adventure. Her arrival in London starts off with the theft of her precious cargo, a mad chase through the streets of London, a murder and a young archeologist who may just hold the key to her heart.

These and many other stories await your reading pleasure. Speaking of shorts, do visit The Santa Keepers blog site to see what goodies I may come up with. Keep in touch and happy reading.