Julia’s Secret Mission

As an agent for M-3, a top secret government organization, Julia Halvorsen has completed numerous missions to secure dangerous magical items. But from the start her personal, secret mission was to find and punish Oluf, the man who used a magical item to kill her husband and father. A chance encounter with her estranged daughter, Christina, has caused Julia to reconsider her obsession with revenge and reconnect with those she loved and abandoned years ago. Is it too late? Will Oluf take advantage of her lapse in vigilance to finish the job he started—to kill her in order to destroy the magic her family is honor-bound to protect?

This is the second installment of the Santa Keeper Mysteries. New characters, new story. Let’s see what kind of mischief those two little hooligans, Kel and Uda can get into. And let’s not forget Nicholas and Astrid’s meddlesome nature that will put one of them in serious danger.

Watch for the third installment of the Santa Keeper Mysteries – Elsie’s Secret Life due out later this year.

Also watch for more Villager Short Stories at the Santa Keepers Blog site.

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  • I enjoyed your first book so will go now to download this new one. Congratulations