The Missing Jackal Murder – The Cora Chronicles

It is 1926. Cora Gudmundson is determined not to yield to pressure to marry and settle down like a proper lady should. Cora wants a life of adventure so she saves her money and books a cruise to London on her own. Her mother is appalled but her father agrees to let her go. On the cruise Cora meets two young English archaeologists returning to London with a valuable Egyptian artifact locked in a black case exactly like the one she is carrying. Her case contains two of the magical woodcarvings her family has been honor bound to protect for over 600 years. These two particular woodcarvings have been her friends and confidants all her life, of course they want to share her adventure.

Upon arrival in London the cases are stolen off the dock by a couple of ruffians, Cora goes on a mad chase through the streets of London, and one of the archaeologists is murdered. Armed only with wits and daring Cora teams up with the remaining archaeologist, Archie Thorogood, to hunt down their cases with the priceless treasures inside. Can she trust Archie? Can they avoid arrest by Scotland Yard for interfering in a murder investigation? Will they solve the murder without falling victims themselves, or worse, fall in love?

The Missing Jackal Murder is the first in the Cora Chronicles mystery series. Each standalone story features Cora’s adventures around the globe and always includes a devious and twisting murder mystery.

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